Sarah is adept in all aspects of family law and will advocate for your position in the following legal matters. If you have any questions on how Sarah can help your case give her call today at 479-225-2171.


Sarah represents mothers wanting to establish paternity and child support or fathers wanting to be established as a legal father with visitation rights.


Sarah represents grandparents and other family members who need to be appointed guardian of their grandchild or relative minor child when a parent is unable to care for the child due to substance abuse, mental health issues, financial instability, neglect, or other reasons. She is able to provide services on an emergency basis or when the parent is consenting and time is not an issue. Sarah also handles guardianship cases for incapacitated adults.


Sarah represents parties in cases that involve step-parent adoption or family member adoption. She can assist in minimizing costs through requesting waiver of a home study and background checks. Whether the biological parent consents or withholds consent, Sarah will offer advice based on your situation and provide zealous advocacy.


Sarah represents parents who wish to modify custody or visitation based on a material change of circumstances that may include: failed joint custody arrangements, relocation of one parent, parental unfitness, or when the child requires more stability than the custodial parent can offer.



Sarah represents parents seeking to establish child support, enforce an existing child support order, and increase or decrease child support due to a change in the payor's income.


Sarah also represents parties in matters involving: Orders of protection, contempt actions, wills, power of attorney, living wills, health care power of attorney, beneficiary deeds, mediation, name change, dependency-neglect matters involving DHS, and FINS cases in juvenile court.