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No one enjoys the thought of losing custody of their children. For many it can result in heart-breaking family conflict and separation. The most important advice is to remain calm and weigh your options. Collecting information and having a roadmap can help with the stress of your family dispute. Whether you need changes in visitation, child support, child custody, or adoption, Sarah can help you with all your family law needs.

Collect Information

It's important to have the facts of your situation down before making any decisions. Where do you and your spouse live? Have you already separated? What visitation schedule would each of you prefer? What income does each spouse have? Who has been the child's primary caregiver?

The answers to these basic questions set the foundation of your case. If the answers to these questions become contested, it is in your best interest to have all the facts ready to pursue your goals.

Collect financial information and have a proposed visitation schedule (full, joint, or part-time custody). Maintain your child's typical schedule as much as possible. If you claim parental unfitness of your spouse, bring documentation to support your position.

The more information you have, the better Sarah can fully understand your case.

Create a Plan

Once you have all the information collected, it is important to remember not to add additional stress to your children by including them in arguments or influencing them against your spouse. Don't send abusive communication (calls/texts/e-mails) to your spouse. Remain calm and let Sarah guide you through this process.

Don't Wait. Call now!
After you have collected the proper documentation, take a deep breath, then call me:
479-225-2171 or  479-442-1435  

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